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At Process Control Solutions, we know that the GCS flexible film germ free isolators we sell require a great deal of application experience, planning and engineering, sometimes years ahead of the installation.  Each of our technical sales associates has in-depth product knowledge and hands on training and experience working with laboratory animal professionals.  With this vast experience and understanding of these types of projects, we are acutely aware of the expectations of the users and lab managers. No matter what your question is, we are always available to see you in person so we know exactly what your situation is. 

After Install Training & Support:

Once your equipment is installed, we initiate our start up and user training program following a detailed SOP.  This process ensures that equipment is functioning properly and that all users are properly trained in the use and cleaning of the isolator. 

After the germ-free isolator has been successfully turned over to you, we remain accessible for continued support by email, phone, video and in person support for the life of the equipment.

For support, PCS stocks GCS standard isolator sizes, change parts and consumables in our warehouse in Massachusetts.

Sales Rep Connor

Connor Seeley- Sales Representative

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