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Customizable Configuration

Bag Specs

  • Standard sizes or configurations don’t work for your application?  GCS can design and build custom size germ free isolators for applications including quarantine, husbandry, surgery and larger animals.  Other configurations available include the addition of antechambers for loading in larger equipment, cable and hoses passthroughs, semi rigid designs and more.    


A variety of accessories are typically available in stock include:

  • Clamps              

  • Passthrough port covers             

  • Racks                 

  • Mylar film         

  • Mylar tape           

  • Tape

  • Sterilizing cylinder filter              

  • Transfer sleeves             

  • Neoprene bands


  • A choice of either a standard 12” or 18” diameter passthrough port are included to exchange cages and supplies into and out of the isolator.  Inside and outside port covers with spray connections, rigid polypropylene canister to provide rigidity, neoprene bands, stainless steel band clamps and transfer sleeves are all included for attaching the sterilization tube to the passthrough port. 

  • *Ports may be positioned in the rear or on the side of the isolator.




  • Air circulation is provided with an extremely quiet fan installed in a stainless-steel enclosure with adjustable fan speed and integral pressure gauge. 

  • The fan may be operated for positive or negative pressure.  H14 HEPA filters provide 99.997% efficiency for entering or exiting the isolator to provide maximum protection to the animals.

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